De La Rosa Mazapan Mini 12 ct

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Fast and free shipping. A classic Mexican candy, Mazapan Mini is a disc shaped delicious peanut-based treat. They are small, mighty sweet, crumbles easily, be sure to enjoy them on a plate or napkin.

They carry the spirit of Mexico in 1 ounce, a truly blissful delight.

Best if kept in a safe, dry spot as they do not travel well due to their fragile nature.

Each case comes with 30 Mazapanes each 1oz.

Helpful tip: Carefully unwrap and decorate on plate with chocolate Kisses stacked on top. Serve as dessert and enjoy the triumph of the moment!

P.S. Mazapan is made of Marizpan, a confection consisting primarily of honey and almond meal. It is often made into sweets. Marizpan made its way to Europe from China, its country of orgin. It was then brought to Mexico from Spain where it is know by its Spanish word Mazapan