Mini Sampler 💥15 ct

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Our mini sampler contains 15 pieces of candy, each one is carefully put together to ensure your treats make it to you in great condition.
Samplers are a great way to enjoy the spicy spirit of Mexico 🇲🇽without having to leave your house.
It arrives in less than a week, you immediately open the box and enjoy the breathtaking sight of the snacks you picked out! Naturally, you grab your favorites then put the box on the kitchen table for the fam to enjoy the rest!

The total value of each box is $ 9.99!


Mini Sampler

Item Quantity
Takis 1
Vero paletas 2
Jovy Limonazo 1
San Pablo Mini Obleas 2
Duvalin 3
Mazapan 3
Pulparindo 3