Pelon Mini Surtido 18 ct | Soft Mexican Candy

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Always fresh, one of our most popular Mexican Candies, Lorena Pelon Pelo Rico is a soft tamarindo candy that is squeezed out of a tube to produce a Medusa-like treat.

3 delicious flavors: mango, watermelon, and chamoy.

If you like tamarindo, you will love this Mexican candy. Each case comes with 18 Pelones, each 13 grams.

P.S. The treat's name loosely translates in English to "Yummy-Hair Baldie". because the candy is squeezed out of a tube through a grate. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

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  • Candy is delicate, we ensure they are packaged safely to arrive to you in great condition.
  • Small treat added as a bonus on all orders!
  • Handcrafted in house or imported to our shop in TX, then sent directly to you.
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